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Ethics Reform
As the historic special session to reform Louisiana’s ethics laws has now come to a close, we have truly changed the future for our state. By ending conflicts of interest, dramatically increasing transparency at every level of government, requiring disclosure for lobbyists, closing the loophole that allows free tickets, and ending the practice of elected officials receiving unlimited meals from lobbyists, we have created a more open and transparent Louisiana.

We have promised an end to corruption and incompetence in state government. Make no mistake about it – This is a massive first step. This legislature has passed the most comprehensive set of ethics reforms in our lifetime, perhaps in the history of the state of Louisiana.

Below are some of the major pieces of legislation passed during the special session.
HB1:  Enacts personal financial disclosures for the vast majority of elected and appointed officials in state and local government for the first time in Louisiana’s history.
  • The adoption of HB1 will spark national attention and bring Louisiana to the Top Five in the country for transparency in government.
  • With this new law in place, Louisiana could jump ahead of Washington State as #1 in the nation for gubernatorial disclosure and will likely rank among the Top Five states in the country for legislative financial disclosure.
SB1:  Prohibits contracts between state government and legislators and executive branch leaders – forcing officials to choose to work for themselves or the people of Louisiana, but not being able to do both.
  • Legislators, executive branch department heads, their spouses, and businesses will no longer be allowed to enter into contracts with the state that are authorized or renewed during their term of office and for one year thereafter.
  • Statewide elected officials, the governor’s senior staff, legislators, their spouses, and businesses will be further prohibited from receiving recovery-related contracts during their term of office and for one year thereafter. This provision in particular, shows the state’s commitment to accountability and makes a strong case as we look to Washington and our neighbors around the country to continue assisting in Louisiana’s recovery.
  • With these measures, Louisiana will be going further than almost any state in the country—setting the “gold standard” to eliminate conflicts of interest in government.
SB3:  Eliminates loophole for free cultural and sporting event tickets for elected officials.
  • Free tickets for elected officials to attend professional and collegiate sporting events, hunting and fishing trips, and golf outings will no longer be allowed.
SB8:  Caps food and beverages for public servants at $50 – eliminating the unlimited wining and dining by lobbyists and special interests.
  • In the past, Louisiana allowed unlimited spending on food and beverage for public officials and employees by lobbyists and those seeking contracts with the state.With this new law, these individuals will be limited to spending a maximum of $50 per occasion on public servants.
HB56:  Creates the Office of Inspector General in statute.
  • This legislation formalizes and makes permanent the mission of this office, strengthening the means to fight against waste, inefficiency, fraud, and abuse in state government.
HB8:  Expands whistleblower protection.
  • With the adoption of HB8, no threat against a public employee who reports wrongdoing within state government will be tolerated.

These reforms will change our state’s image across the nation, and show that Louisiana will no longer be held back by corruption and incompetence. We are open for business, and on the rise. Employers will no longer be hesitant to relocate to Louisiana because of our image, and our state’s economy will no longer have to fight against negative perceptions. State Police Emergency Information Louisiana Economic Development Fight Fraud Hotline Get A Game Plan